Activity 4 Content Marketing Plan

Content Marketing Plan

1. What is a content marketing plan?

2. What are the elements and characteristics of successful content marketing plan? List the major elements.

3. Research a template for a content marketing plan. Save it for later use.

4. When should a business have content marketing plan?

5. Why should a business have a content marketing plan?

6. In groups, brainstorm and share ideas about a content marketing plan for your blogs.

7. Write your first draft of a content marketing plan for your blog.

Activity 2 Online Marketing Strategy

Your Online Marketing Strategy

1. What is an online marketing strategy?

2. What are the features of a successful marketing strategy?

3. What are the benefits of having an online marketing strategy? (Why should a website have an online marketing strategy?)

4. Write an online marketing objective. Here are 3 examples of online marketing objectives:
• Increase organic traffic to the from 1000 visitors a month to 3000 visitors per month by November 30, 2016
• Increase leads generated from the site from 50 per month to 100 per month by November 31, 2016
• Increase positive online reviews on Google+, Facebook and LinkedIn from 5 to 25 by November 30, 2016