Activity 23 Website Brief

Guide for One Page Website Brief:

  1. Create a word document.
  2. Title: Website Overview and Objectives. In this word document, outline the following:
  3. Website URL: Include a link to the website
  4. Purpose: The purpose of the website. Is it to educate, inform, entertain, or persuade?
  5. Objectives: Make them SMART. What do you hope to achieve through the website?
  6. Target Audience: Intended audience and why you chose this target audience. Consider:








Activity 1 Website Objectives

Website objectives should align with and support the Business Plan of a small business, a company or organisation.

The business plan contains a Marketing Plan.

The marketing plan should contain an Online Marketing Strategy for the business website.

Aspects of a marketing strategy consist of a Website Design Brief and a Content Marketing Plan:

• Business plan
• Marketing Plan
• Online Marketing Strategy
• Website Design Brief
• Content Marketing Plan

1. Website objectives should be SMART. What does SMART mean?

2. When making website objectives SMART, what factors do you need to consider?

3. Research examples of website objectives, then write a SMART Website objective for your blog.