Activity 10 Writing Website Content

1. Research online for tips for writing content.

2. Make a list of 25 top tips for writing content. Here are some to get you started:
• Use headings and subheadings
• Short concise sentences
• Use active voice
• Keep pages short
• Use graphics and visuals where possible
• Content should target your audience
• Content is yours or it is referenced
• Stock pile content for future publication
• Schedule automatic publishing or removal of content

3. In pairs, brainstorm some topics for posting articles on your blog. Read more here.

4. Brainstorm and make a note of key words for future articles.

5. Reference all images and written information you use at the end of the blog post/article.


Activity 4 Content Marketing Plan

Content Marketing Plan

1. What is a content marketing plan?

2. What are the elements and characteristics of successful content marketing plan? List the major elements.

3. Research a template for a content marketing plan. Save it for later use.

4. When should a business have content marketing plan?

5. Why should a business have a content marketing plan?

6. In groups, brainstorm and share ideas about a content marketing plan for your blogs.

7. Write your first draft of a content marketing plan for your blog.