Activity 9 Website Design Features

Website Design Features
1. Research the term: website design features online. Then identify, list and describe as many design features as you can find that make up an appealing, user friendly website.

2. Create a checklist of recommended website design features for use in a small business. Include the following:
• Contact information
• Opening hours
• Google map
• Search function
• Social media buttons and connections
• Return to home with one click
• Text is readable
• Contains useful hyperlinks
• Keywords used in text
• Content (such as a blog post) in appropriate category
• Strong contrast between text and background
• Useful subheadings
• Bulleted lists
• Short paragraphs
• Low word count per page
• Terms of use
• Policy outlining privacy and information collected

3. What else do you need to you add to this list? You can read about good homepage designs here.