Activity 23 Website Brief

Guide for One Page Website Brief:

  1. Create a word document.
  2. Title: Website Overview and Objectives. In this word document, outline the following:
  3. Website URL: Include a link to the website
  4. Purpose: The purpose of the website. Is it to educate, inform, entertain, or persuade?
  5. Objectives: Make them SMART. What do you hope to achieve through the website?
  6. Target Audience: Intended audience and why you chose this target audience. Consider:







Activity 20 Ideas for Blog Posts

Ideas for Blog Posts


In a group, brainstorm ideas for your blog post

Tip: use who, what, why, when, where, how, how often, how much to get you started.

Plus: You can find 150 ideas for blog posts here:

150+ Blog Ideas That Will Absolutely Kill Writers’ Block



Activity 18 Security Procedures

Security Procedures for Updating the Website or Blog

  1. What four steps can you take to protect your website?
  2. List five tips for creating a strong password.
  3. How can you safely share control of your website?
  4. You can share the work load by giving others access to your website. Identify and describe the four roles you can allocate to others.
  5. Refer to this link for more information about WordPress
  6. Refer to this link for more information about staying smart online.

Activity 17 Website Traffic

Website Traffic and Your Stats Page

Refer to this link to complete these questions:

  1. What is a stats page?
  2. Where is the stats page located?
  3. What type of information can it tell you about clicks?
  4. What type of insights does it provide?
  5. How can you access views by country?
  6. What type of post and pages information does it provide?
  7. What type of information can it tell you about search engine terms?
  8. Explain how you would download stats.
  9. How do you find out who your followers are?
  10. What are the two main units of traffic measurement?
  11. When is a view counted?
  12. When is a visitor counted?
  13. What information is NOT reflected in your stats?
  14. How can stats information be used by a business to achieve its marketing objectives?