Activity 27

Password Managers

  1. How safe is a password manager?
  2. What are your tips for chosing a password?

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Activity 23 Website Brief

Guide for One Page Website Brief:

  1. Create a word document.
  2. Title: Website Overview and Objectives. In this word document, outline the following:
  3. Website URL: Include a link to the website
  4. Purpose: The purpose of the website. Is it to educate, inform, entertain, or persuade?
  5. Objectives: Make them SMART. What do you hope to achieve through the website?
  6. Target Audience: Intended audience and why you chose this target audience. Consider:







Activity 20 Ideas for Blog Posts

Ideas for Blog Posts


In a group, brainstorm ideas for your blog post

Tip: use who, what, why, when, where, how, how often, how much to get you started.

Plus: You can find 150 ideas for blog posts here:

150+ Blog Ideas That Will Absolutely Kill Writers’ Block