Activity 5 Reviewing Websites

Reviewing Websites

1. Search for 3 of the following websites. Visit each one, leaving them open in 3 separate tabs.
• Women’s hairdresser Hawthorn
• Men’s hairdresser Hawthorn
• 24-hour gym Hawthorn
• Auto repairs Hawthorn
• Art supplies Hawthorn
• Organic food Hawthorn
• Childcare centre Hawthorn
• Fashion boutique Hawthorn
• Cake decorations Hawthorn
• Bike repairs Hawthorn

Create a table for these websites, based on the following:

2. Which ones are easy to use? Why?
3. Which ones are harder to navigate? Why?
4. What can you do on these websites? List the websites and then describe what you as a customer, can do on each website.
5. What type of person would use this website? (Who is the target audience or demographic?)
6. What might their motives be for using it?
7. What is the objective of the web site? Is it to
• sell products or services
• provide a source of information
• promote or market the business
• view, review and track orders
• submit applications
• obtain quotes
• some or all of the above or
• anything else?
8. What type of products and/or services is the website offering?
9. Describe the type of content on the website such as:
• Logo
• Style
• Colour schemes
• Theme or image portrayed
• Text
• Images
• Videos
• Audio
• Social media links
10. How easy is it to navigate?
11. How quickly can you find the contact page and phone number?
12. What are the website’s strengths?
13. What are its weaknesses? What is missing?
14. What improvements would you make?