Activity 7 Features of CMS and Website Building Platforms

Investigate features of CMS and Website Building Platforms

Refer to the following

1. Create a table

2. Which of the above is a CMS and which is a Website Building Platform (WBP)?

3. List and describe 10 free features of

4. List and describe 10 paid features of

5. Identify strengths/advantages of each

6. Identify weakness/disadvantages of each

7. Make recommendations.

8. If you were creating a website which would you choose to use? CMS or WBP?

9. Why have you made this choice?

10. Consider the following:
• Navigation
• Range of website templates
• Pricing
• Types of Packages
• Advertising
• Ease of creation
• Customisation options
• Ease of maintenance and management

11. What are some features of these sites?


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